How are you?  A question for which we tend to automatically reply “fine.” However, as we roll into our seventh week of Stay In Place orders, many patients are sharing both physical and emotional struggles, with manifestations such as mood lability (changes) and sleep disturbances, as well as food and alcohol cravings.

While it’s true that we have faced far greater challenges than quarantines, our abrupt shift from leading active and social lives, to live in seclusion and uncertainty can leave us feeling untethered.

Chinese Medicine and acupuncture practitioners consider the emotional body as part of the Organ Systems requiring harmony, so I have a few new things to share:

First, since I am not seeing patients currently, please allow me to remind you of the dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations I’ve made in prior blog posts.

Second, I’m pleased to announce the introduction Earseeds Auricular Acupressure Self-Care Therapy to my online store, where you can also find supplements and other wellness products. And in the month of May, receive 10% off with the code ‘DRFOX10’ at checkout.

Earseeds individual packets come with detailed instructions to treat immune support, allergies, back pain, headaches/migraines, stress/anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance/insomnia, post-trauma, digestive complaints, PMS, fertility, postpartum, menopause, libido and weight loss. Earseeds is a pain-free wellness option for everyone, including children. When you use this link, you will receive the best possible price and I’ll receive a small commission. As always, I do not recommend that you go online or buy on Amazon, as you cannot control the quality of your purchase.

Third, since your wellbeing is my concern, I’m currently investigating alternative self-care acupuncture prescription, such as topical patches which provide pressure point ‘UV light therapy.’

Fourth, I’ve enrolled in a Endocannabinoid System and Pharmacology and Clinical Application certification program. I’ve done this in order to alleviate patient’s self-prescription guesswork of specific cannabis strain and dosage for relief of back pain, insomnia and a myriad of other physical and mental conditions.

I look forward to providing you with more tools to keep you healthy and safe during these interesting times!