Summer is ‘round the corner, and we begin to see signs of this Fire Element season arise in our daily lives. I’m not speaking of the wildfire season  (though prepare for it with lung support supplements and air purifiers in my GetHealthy e-store.

Rather, I’m referring to the Fire Element that is our spark of life.  This is the time when we desire to expend more energy  (“Qi”) outdoors, socializing and celebrating!  And while the longer days and warmer weather support such expanded Qi, we need to be careful not to burn the candle at both ends.  That’s why it’s also time to adhere more closely to the basic four pillars for supporting our foundational health:  nutrition, hydration, circulation and restoration.

Sleep and Restoration:  Longer days require that we pay attention to dusk, and lower indoor lights so that our pineal glands can begin their production of melatonin, our sleep-inducing and super antioxidant hormone integral to our nighttime detoxification processes.

Hydration:  With warmer weather we should drink approximately 3 liters of water each day; add electrolytes to one liter, or divide the daily dose equally into 3 liters.

Nutrition:  during summer we can get away with lighter foods such as juiced vegetable drinks {not too much sugar with fruit smoothies!} and salads.  However, it’s best to limit iced and cold foods and drinks; a tepid or warm cup of mint tea is cooling, whereas it takes more energy to digest an iced tea or iced smoothie.

Circulation:  Get outdoors and allow the oxygen exchange with nature!  “Earthing” allows nature to balance our bodies’ electrical and circadian rhythms.  Truly natural medicine!