Your Expert for Personalized Medicine

When supplementing your in-person treatments with at-home care, note that quality matters. In my research I’ve determined the best quality products available through the electronic dispensaries below. In most cases, you can register and order as you wish. Certain manufacturers require that I prescribe your first order, after which you can reorder without prescription refills required. If you have any questions regarding which supplements to purchase, please reach out to me. This can most quickly be attended to in a 20-minute video consult, which I am offering each Monday and Wednesday. In some cases, I can reply to an email inquiry, if your question doesn’t require an intake. I’m delighted to offer these products to you for drop ship to your home.


Susan recommends practitioner-grade supplementation as appropriate. For example, if a patient is not assimilating well, she prescribes limited supplementation to maximize results, adding and removing products as progress is made. She is concerned that patients use the “Dr. Google” method of determining what they should be taking, and order online or at a discount store for saving money. However, many products are only as good as their manufacture, their storage and their expiration date; therefore, attempts at savings come at a greater cost, for the efficacy is not available, and the prescriptions are incorrect. She uses a limited group of practitioner level e-stores and prescribes to each patient exactly what s/he needs and in what dosage.