When supplementing your in-person treatments with at-home care, note that quality matters. In my research I’ve determined the best quality products available through the electronic dispensaries below. In most cases, you can register and order as you wish. Certain manufacturers require that I prescribe your first order, after which you can reorder without prescription refills required. If you have any questions regarding which supplements to purchase, please reach out to me. This can most quickly be attended to in a 20-minute video consult, which I am offering each Monday and Wednesday. In some cases, I can reply to an email inquiry, if your question doesn’t require an intake. I’m delighted to offer these products to you for drop ship to your home

Health Youniversity offers so much more than supplements!  Here you can find healthy options for personal and home care, healthy food snack options, and event therapeutic items such as infrared saunas and services such as DNA testing and analysis.  For preconception, pregnancy and men’s health, I’ve created bundles to make your purchasing easier and subscriptions to maximize your purchase power.

FullScript is the safest source for practitioner grade supplements. This local distribution center offers a wide variety of supplements and health care products from professional-grade producers. You can order directly through the store for direct shipment to your home. When visiting this site, you will be asked for your email address to access the store.

PureHaven adheres to a strict, six-step ingredient sourcing procedure and manufacture its products in our own USDA Certified Organic facility in small batches so they are always fresh thus ensuring its products are 100% toxin free. With items ranging from skincare to household cleaning products, you can be assured that you are keeping the cleanest environment for your internal and external environments.

Lifewave patches

Lifewave patches, a wearable technology using light to activate peptides that simulate acupressure points, is a DIY approach to improve health & wellness.  This form of light therapy is referred to as photo-biomodulation. Lifewave patches come with a pamphlet showing patch placement using  protocols developed by a group of acupuncturists using this latest nanotechnology.

OOVA was created by doctors who had their own fertility obstacles. That’s why they invented the first fertility translator, with lab-quality readings that accurately decode ovulation and post-ovulation hormone levels and give personalized steps toward getting pregnant.

Fellow Understanding sperm health is an integral part of the fertility journey; now it is easy and convenient to get accurate, lab-grade results that are approved by a physician.  All in the privacy of your home.  Use this link, or add DrFox at coupon code upon checkout, for discounted

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