Are you feeling like your brain could use a boost?  Forgetting why you entered a room, or the name of that person you just met?  Are you having difficulty sleeping and waking groggy?
All of these are signs of a brain that needs help.  Well, help is here in the form of Brain Tap.  Brain Tap techonolgy uses “neuro-algorithm produces brainwave entrainment – the synchronization of brainwaves to a specialized sound – with no added effort. These sounds create full-spectrum brainwave activity (neuro-activity).   You can use the device while having your acupuncture treatment to improve focus, sleep, performance, to reduce stress and improve heart rate variability – truly re-wiring your brain!  The device emits blinking light to eyes and through ears in patterns that enhance the guided imagery messages being conveyed via bluetooth.  There is no concern for EMF as the app function acts as though it’s in airplane mode.
The developer of Brain Tap, Dr. Peter Porter, has partnered with the company Awakend because he believes in their mission to improve the health, self and wealth of its community.  He has agreed that Awakend can sell the Brain Tap at cost lower than that of Brain Tap itself and any other distributor.  So if you like the experience, I can direct you where to get your own.  Brain Tap can be used three times/day for optimizing new neural connections.
I only have one for the office (I’m keeping one at home for myself 😉 so please put in the Notes section of your appointment if you’d like to add this to your treatment, if available.  Schedule your treatments here:
Brain Tap can be used to enhance any treatment; there are thousands of programs from which to choose.  Those who are prone to seizure can use the ear pieces and avoid
Let’s get healthy brains together!


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