Has your inbox been flooded with ways to take on New Year’s Resolutions for health, finances, relationships, etc. inviting you add more items to your to-do list? While I’m fully in support of
shifting to healthier lifestyle changes, I recommend using caution in just how much we add to our plate in the Winter season.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we consider Winter to be the time of Yin, the nutritive, cooling, fluid, dark, moist matrix of our bodies. Think cerebral-spinal fluid, blood and plasma, synovial
fluid of our joints. Just as the nature is holding its blossoms internally whilst roots replenish with Earth’s nourishment, our nature asks that we be quiet, inward, reflective in these Winter months.

We are then fortified to greet Spring and to create and express when the days grow warmer and longer. Instead of another diet, program, webinar, I suggest that we simply nourish ourselves with healthy, organic cooked foods that are easily digestible such as soups, stews and casseroles; water intake at three liters each day; moderate movement for circulation and stretching; and restorative sleep with at least 8 hours each night.

This is a good time to consider intermittent fasting so that our bodies can repair themselves between digesting, detoxing and rebuilding. It’s also a good time to reflect with meditation or journaling, either in guided settings or alone. In short, be gentle with yourself in January. Let the quiet and darkness be your guides. You’ll
be ready to spring into action with Spring!

And because it’s also the season of upper respiratory viruses in the northern hemisphere, supplement with vitamins A, C, E and the mineral Zinc, as well as with herbs such as mushroom
formula. My favorite can be found through Full-Script Dispensary on my website HERE and include both Vitanica Immune Symmetry and Host Defense Stamets 7.