Greetings on the Summer Solstice!  May this summer find you with friends and loved ones, reliving and relishing traditions that were missed last year.

In Chinese Medicine, summer is associated with Yang energies, which are bright, active, and warming.  It is also represented by the element of Fire, replete with warmth of the sun.  To balance this high Yang energy, we must also attend to the seed of Yin within Yang.  Yin is our nutritive, watery, cool, moist aspect of life’s expression.  This is accomplished with adequate hydration ~ try for approximately three liters each day.  You can add a bit of lemon to one, lime to a second and berries to a third if you’d like flavoring.  Also, eat more cooling foods such as lettuces and sprouts, fruits, and easy-to-digest proteins such as fish, chicken breast, and beans.   In short, eat what is harvested locally (and, of course, organically) in this season.

Remember to get to sleep on time – it’s easy to find the clock turning 11 before we even consider going to bed, but the hours between 11pm and 5am are important for detoxifying and rebuilding our bodies, including our brains through the glymphatic system, in which cerebral spinal fluid flushes the brain of toxins, reducing its size to make room for more storage the next day!  Unless you’re living above the Artic Circle, sunset occurs around 8:30 and darkness falls approximately 90 minutes thereafter, so a 10pm bedtime is doable if we turn down or off lights and electronics!

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Have a beautiful Summer!

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