February 12, 2021 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  I attended a Zoom meeting yesterday (who hasn’t?) hosted by Lillian Pearl Bridges, a Chinese Astrology master; here are some pointers she shared:

  • The outlook for the year is positive; life will be peaceful, and the overarching themes are kindness and compassion. Anger and aggression will not be supported.
  • Yet anxiety and fatigue will be pervasive as we reel and heal from 2020. Self-care with Acupatching, especially Nirvana to calm the mind, will be helpful to have on hand if you’re prone to anxiety.  You can find them here:  https://lifewave.com/drsusanfox/store/product/40003.022.001/
  • This year will see many skin disorders associated with the Metal element. For issues such as dryness, eczema, psoriasis.  I recommend two products:
  • This year it is recommended to save first, and if there is more money to invest, then consider the stock market
  • Yin metal represents the precious metals. People will be inclined to adorn themselves with jewelry and enjoy fine dining.  There is an overall desire to bring beauty into our everyday life with flowers, candles, etc.
  • Domestic travel will resume with an ease to restrictions. Small gatherings will return; as social creatures, this will be wonderful!
  • Education is a value of the Metal element. Teachers, coaches and their students will be more appreciated and compensated for their work.

Digestion, a function of the Earth element, won’t be as strong this year.  Eat smaller meals with a regular schedule.  This is referred as Yang Shen; nurturing life through positive lifestyle choices.