My intention is to keep my patients and their loved ones informed and safe from the coronavirus outbreak.

By now, we are all too aware of the latest global flu outbreak – the coronavirus. Signs and symptoms of this virus, originating in Asia, are similar to the 2003 outbreak of SARS, where lack of preparation caused a modern day pandemic.

Here is an interesting fact: according to a New York Times article released today, 80% of coronavirus cases are ‘mild.’ That’s good news. However, the mild cases create complications for curbing its spread, as many cases go undetected.

“Cases were considered mild if they did not involve pneumonia, defined as infection of the lungs, or involved only mild pneumonia. Initial symptoms are flu-like and include fever, muscle pain, lethargy symptoms, cough and sore throat. Common to all patients is a fever of over 100°F. Then there are ‘severe’ cases which feature shortness of breath, low blood oxygen saturation or other lung problems; and ‘critical’ cases which feature respiratory failure, septic shock or multiple organ dysfunction. Just under 14 percent of patients were severe, and just under 5 percent critical. Of those patients, 49 percent died, according the study by the Chinese Center for Disease Control. The seasonal flu, by comparison, has a mortality rate of .1%.”

If you’d like to read the latest New York Times report: click HERE.


As I said, my focus today is on PREVENTION and INTERVENTION. Certainly acupuncture will help and I welcome your visit. In addition, the herbal products that I trust most – and that were shown most effective in treating SARS symptoms – are  offered by KW Botanicals, based right here in Marin County. KW Botanicals fluid extracts are made with fresh botanicals, maximizing therapeutic potency; and 100% of their fresh herbs and 60% of our dried herbs are from organic or wildcrafted sources, free of toxic fumigants, fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. These products are distributed exclusively to licensed acupuncturists. Please contact me and I’ll arrange for orders to be drop-shipped to your home.

A prophylactic (preventive) formula designed for those traveling/working/living in high risk areas or environments. Ingredients: Achillea, Agastache, Anemopsis, Astragalus radix raw, Atractylodes cang, Bupleurum, Coix, Dryopteris, Glycyrrhiza, Isatis recens, Lonicera, Ribes fol, Scutellaria baicalense, Sileris, Stillingia.
16 oz formula pricing:  $115 plus $10 shipping*

This formula showed great success in 2003 for the SARS-CoV treatment.
Ingredients: Agastache, Anemopsis, Asclepias, Bryonia, Corallorhiza striata, Descurainia, Dryopteris, Eupatorium, Melaleuca alternafolia fol, Osmorrhiza rad, Platycodon grandiflorus rad, Rosa flos.
16 oz. formula pricing:  $125 plus $10 shipping*

*No markup is made on these products, however a $25 fee is added for prescription processing and drop ship coordination from my office.

I offer these products not as a recommendation, but so you can make the best advanced decision for your family. If you wish to order, please email in order to have a written record of your perscription request. Orders will be shipped to the location of your choice.

Be Healthy and Be Well.