Resuming office hours ~ using optimal safety protocols

Greetings! I have been closely following guidelines and protocols for reopening practice as recommended by the California Acupuncture Board and national professional associations and am delighted to reopen my practice – with reduced patient caseload and PPE protocols in place to ensure your safety – starting Tuesday, May 12.  My office hours will be Tuesdays […]

Self-Care with Acupressure Auricular Therapy

How are you?  A question for which we tend to automatically reply “fine.” However, as we roll into our seventh week of Stay In Place orders, many patients are sharing both physical and emotional struggles, with manifestations such as mood lability (changes) and sleep disturbances, as well as food and alcohol cravings. While it’s true that we […]

Building A ‘Professional Grade’ Immunity Medicine Cabinet

In recent weeks, we’ve all come to realize the importance of a strong immune system. As I’ve stated in recent COVID-related articles, building our immune strength requires nutrient-dense food, a healthy dose of sunlight, adequate rest, sufficient exercise and good hydration. And for many of us, it also means enhancing our already healthy lifestyle with […]

Kitchen Wisdom

Foods / Spices / Herbs to Bolster Immunity & Calm Spirits My thoughts are with you as we navigate toward a new way of living, and my prayer is that the pearls learned from this experience will create sustainable habits that are kinder to our bodies, minds, spirits. I’m enjoying connecting with those of you […]

Boosting Your Immune System

I hope this finds you safely and healthfully tucked in at home, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. My office will remain open for the foreseeable future to serve you. Of course, this is a fluid situation, and I will keep you apprised of any changes. Science confirms the impact stress has on our health. Acupuncture […]

CORONAVIRUS: Prevention & Intervention

My intention is to keep my patients and their loved ones informed and safe from the coronavirus outbreak. By now, we are all too aware of the latest global flu outbreak – the coronavirus. Signs and symptoms of this virus, originating in Asia, are similar to the 2003 outbreak of SARS, where lack of preparation […]

How To Love Your Own Sweet Heart This Valentine’s Day

In Ancient Greece, February was the month known to celebrate fertility, and to observe the mythical marriage of Zeus and the goddess Hera. In Ancient Rome, a priest by the name of ‘Valentine’ became Saint Valentine when he forfeited his life by opposing the edict of the Empire and agreed to marry young warriors going […]

Preparing for Virus Season – What To Do Now

January 25 marks the start of a new Year, and the Rat is the first animal in a 12-year calendar cycle. Remember 2008? We were wrapping up a very difficult time, and Hope and Change were the new operative words, our mantra. Well, here we are again! If you’ve been feeling the weight of current [...]