I highly recommend Dr. Susan Fox as an excellent acupuncturist who is an expert in her field and has helped me significantly during my infertility challenges. Over the past few months I worked with Dr. Fox to prepare for an IVF cycle, through the cycle and post recovery. During this cycle working with Dr. Fox, I had significantly better results with my egg quality, number of fertilized embryos at day 5 (6!), and overall experience was so much better and I believe that Susan was a critical part of this. I also worked with her on what ended up being a pinched nerve and she was a huge help in pain control. Before I relocated, I was working with her on a planned FET and I felt very confident in her hands. Don’t delay, check her out today, I wish I had gone to her before I started IVF the first time as I truly think I would not have needed an additional cycle. Dr. Fox is simply excellent! ~ Sara C.