Listed below are trusted additional resources for my patient's healthcare needs.
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Lisa Brent, ND –  Mill Valley, CA


Essentials for Health – Corte Madera, CA


Lizellen Lafollette –  Greenbrae, CA


Prima Medical Group – six North Bay locations



Marin Fertility Center

Greenbrae, CA


Spring Fertility

San Francisco, Oakland & Redwood City, CA


UCSF Center for Reproductive Medicine

San Francisco, CA


CNY Fertility

Low cost, high quality IVF, Colorado


Conceiving with Love: A Whole-Body Approach to Creating Intimacy, Reigniting Passion, and Increasing Fertility 

Denise Wiesner’s integrative East-meets-West approach, developed over twenty years of practice, has helped thousands of couples relax, reconnect, and conceive. Available on Amazon

Pathways to Pregnancy: Personal Stories and Practical Advice for Your Fertility Journey

Mary Wong’s collection of wide-ranging and relatable stories, shared by an expert who also knows first-hand the pain and joy of the fertility journey from her own experience. Available on Amazon


Feed Your Fertility: Your Guide to Cultivating a Healthy Pregnancy with Chinese Medicine, Real Food, and Holistic Living

Fertility professionals and authors Emily Bartlett and Laura Erlich will guide you on a path to making the nutritional and lifestyle changes you need to help support healthy fertility and pregnancy. Available on Amazon.

The Way of the Fertile Soul: Ten Ancient Chinese Secrets to Tap into a Woman’s Creative Potential

Dr. Randine Lewis outlines ten ancient Chinese medical and Taoist “secrets” that hold the little-known key to successfully conceiving babies, new dreams, and a fulfilling life for women at any phase in their lives. Available on Amazon

8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS: A Proven Program to Reset Your Hormones, Repair Your Metabolism, and Restore Your Fertility

Author and naturopathic doctor Fiona McCulloch dives deep into the science underlying the mysteries of PCOS, offering the newest research and discoveries on the disorder and a detailed array of treatment options. Available on Amazon.

Fertility Fuel: Create Your Family Without Losing Your Mind, Your Marriage, or Your Money

Laying out five steps to get one’s body in the best possible state to say YES to fertility, Fertility Fuel examines widely accepted western medicine protocols as well as the integration of adjunct therapies to improve fertility results. Available on Amazon.