Menstrual Problems can be remedied ~ Period! There are many issues that disrupt the healthy function of a woman’s menstrual cycle, and the results can range from inconvenient to debilitating. Susan uses a combination of supplements and Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbs, to help a woman find relief and normalize her cycle and her life. Examples, though not the totality of menstrual issues, include:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: This is a complex metabolic disorder that affects hormonal production throughout the body, all the way down to the level of follicles. Dietary and lifestyle modifications and specific supplementation can regulate a PCOS condition, and she can fall pregnant and carry to term. This woman may be predisposed to gestational diabetes; therefore, follow up through pregnancy is important.

Endometriosis: This inflammatory condition is caused when endometrial lining (menstrual lining) escapes through the fallopian tubes into the abdominal cavity where it attaches itself to any number of organs, such as ovaries (called endometriomas or “chocolate cysts”), large intestine or rectum, bladder, etc. This causes painful cycles because, as estrogen grows to signal growth of the menstrual lining, it is also signaling growth of this tissue, and as estrogen levels drop, that tissue, now adhered to an organ, tugs at the organ as it tries to shrink and detach. Depending on the degree of severity, women experience mild to severe pain, and treatment is prescribed to address the pain as well as reduce the inflammatory response.

Painful Periods: The smooth muscle of the uterus is designed to contract, and mild cramping that is noticeable at onset of menstruation is normal. However, very painful periods that require medication, or in some cases, require that a woman take days off from work or life while doubled over in pain, are not normal, and Susan can help you return to a quality of life every day of the month!

No Periods-Amenorrhea: This is relatively common following long term oral contraceptive use, wherein the signaling among the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Ovarian axis has been interrupted and needs to be restored. Certain herbs and supplements can help regulate this communication and recover menstrual cycle activity.

Menstrual Migraines: Fluctuating hormones can trigger menstrual migraines, as blood vessels contract and dilate according to their hormonal instruction. Acupuncture can be very effective in promoting vasodilation and regulating hormonal activity to reduce and eliminate migraines.

Hot Flashes/Night Sweats: These occur when hormones, typically estrogen and progesterone, are fluctuating out of their natural rhythm, and the result is a perceived excess/dominance of one over the other. Acupuncture and supplements, and dietary and lifestyle changes are very helpful to reduce frequency and severity, thereby improving quality of life and quality of sleep.

Menopause-related Weight Gain, Brain Fog, and other symptoms: As hormones naturally wane during a woman’s menopause, she can find herself in a quandary of symptoms related to drops in estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. She now depends more on her healthy adrenals to provide hormonal support and on a healthy gut microbiome to provide proper messengering to promote hormonal activity. Susan can help shift your metabolism so that you can enjoy vibrant health in your menopausal years.

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