Studies Show a Correlation Between Low Vitamin D and Miscarriage

New research has shown a clear correlation to low Vitamin D levels and miscarriages (referred to below as recurrent spontaneous abortions or RSA.) Previous studies had shown that there might be an association between serum vitamin D concentrations and the occurrence of recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA). However, the conclusions remained controversial. The objective of this […]

B vitamins may help counteract pesticides detrimental to fertility

Original article from Designs for Health According to new research at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health women who have adequate levels of B vitamins are more likely to get pregnant and stay pregnant even with high levels of the common pesticide DDT which is known to have harmful reproductive effects. These findings were published […]

Stress During Pregnancy. 10 Tips To Combat Stress

Original article from Belly Belly Pregnant women tend to worry often – it’s quite common to experience periods of stress during pregnancy. There might be worries about weight gain, diet, money, relationship issues, or the impending birth. Some women are worried about all the work that has to be done before maternity leave begins. Others […]

Stress during pregnancy can impact infant gut microbiota

Original article from Designs for Health According to a recent article in Psychoneuroendocrinology women who experience stress during pregnancy are more likely to have babies with dysbiosis and with a higher incidence of gastrointestinal issues and allergic reactions. Stress during pregnancy has been linked to both physical and psychological problems in the child. This study suggests the infant’s […]