August Self-Care: LUNGS

Autumn is the season of Metal in Chinese Medicine; the season where our Lung Organ System is most vulnerable to dry conditions that weaken the lungs. Because I care about the wellbeing of you and your families, I strongly recommend preventative care to strengthen our lungs and immune system now before fire season begins. Products include:
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) | MegaSporeBiotic | BroccoProtect | Mycommunity Host Defense

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Autumn Protocol for Healthy Lungs and Immune System

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BroccoProtect™ protects against oxidative stress-induced upper airway disease and reduce inflammation. Take 1 capsule, once / day.


MegaSporeBiotic – a healthy microbiome is integral to a healthy immune system. Rebuild “good flora” using this probiotic and reduce hyper-proliferation of “bad bugs” in your gut. Take 1 capsule M/W/F and 2 capsules T/Th/Sat to build a healthy microbiome.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) a precursor of the antioxidant glutathione, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, suppresses viral replication and loosens thick mucus in the lungs. Take 1 capsule / day.

Mycommunity Host Defense – mushrooms are especially good for healthy immune response of the lungs. Take 2 capsules, once / day